The Secret

For a long time, what felt like many lifetimes, I hid what I believed to be my biggest secret. I had struggled with a lot in my young life, but this was by far the heaviest – or so I thought. My life was a mask. My world was a sham. My words were plastic. And most of all: my mind, body and emotions could not live without alcohol.

The Story

I think I knew at some point during College. The first night I decided to watch 24 on binge and drink what became a whole bottle of wine by myself. In my bedroom. Until 4am. As I carried the bottle into my room so as not to alarm my roommates that I had finished the thing, my heart twinged. I looked in the proverbial mirror. Yet, I couldn’t help but keep pouring. Fast forward 6 or so years. Hundreds of empty wine bottles stashed away. Countless days called out of work and functions too hungover to move. Toxic, downright evil, relationships played out over and over again. I finally, finally, began to question what on God’s green Earth I was doing. What are you doing? The words rang and rang and rang in my head. My right temple pounded. My heart sank. What was I doing? From that moment, I began this all encompassing spiritual journey. I began to wake up everyday and ask: Why? What? Who? I shifted my habits. I cut out toxic relationships. I moved forward with huge internal shifts. My crippling anxiety lessened. I found myself in AA. My life was better. And yet.

The Shift

I still found myself drinking by myself in my bedroom: 6 glasses of wine in and on the phone with an ex boyfriend after just 1 cocktail. One…cocktail. One cocktail became a 4 day bender. Why, oh my God, why? I don’t understand this. Please, from my knees, help me. I’m done now. I’m done. Bottles of wine in my home continued to stare me in the face. Texts from not so ex lovers moved in. Streams of physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms hit me. What? What do you want?  God spoke: So are you done now, Casey? The feeling. Yes, God, I love myself too much to keep doing this. It was then that I was done. I mean, really done. And over 4 years later I have not touched a drop. I will often consider this. Especially as I continue struggling with other forms of addiction (food, TV, drama). What did it take for me to stop? Like, finally stop. For good. Well, it took a very special recipe.

The Spirit

My Antidote

  •  Equal parts:
    • 1) Surrender to God
      • Surrender includes Faith, Humility and true Connection through prayer & meditation
    • 2) Personal Will
      • Personal Will is strengthened by Initiation, Ritual and Healing/Activation Sessions
  •  Add:
    • 3) Eternal amount of Love
      • Love of God. Love of others. Love of ALL, which can only begin through Love of Self
        • You know, the kind of LOVE that Jesus talked about. Constantly.
  • Secret Ingredient:
    • 4) Me

This is the only combination I’ve ever found. Not conversations. Not spiritual healings alone. Not shame or blame. It took me. It took my personal Will to surrender to God’s Will. It took my personal Love to surrender to God’s Love. However, I did not do this all alone.

This Will and this Love was uncovered, strengthened and solidified through the tools of the Ancient Lineage King Salomon and studies in The Modern Mystery School. Ultimately,  it took me. It took me and my courage to choose the path of knowing myself as God. Kicking addiction is possible. The path is open, if you so choose to walk. And you. You are your own secret ingredient.

Casey O'Connell

Casey O'Connell

Life Activation Practitioner, Healer

Casey weaves 6 years of study in the Lineage of King Salomon with a deeply seated passion for restoring the balance of Light to our World, leading others to unfold and dig deeply within who they truly are. She is particularly adept at working with highly sensitive individuals whose gifts, when fostered, will change the World for the better.

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