Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do I begin?

There is a buffet of classes and services to sample and taste at the Modern Mystery School, and everyone’s hunger is different. Some like to nibble, others can’t get enough in one sitting and come back for seconds! The most common place people start is with the Life Activation and Empower Thyself Program. There are many evening, one-day and weekend classes, workshops and presentations that don’t require any pre-requisites — only a commitment of a few hours and an open mind. Give it a try and if the teachings resonate with you, the menu is plentiful and the server is ready to take your order!

Why does it cost money?  Shouldn’t spiritual teachings be free?

We believe in the divine and that part of our journey on this planet is to learn the understanding of how universal energetic laws work, for in this world or the next or any other world, one doesn’t get things for ‘free’ without some kind of energy exchange. The very nature of all existence is universal movement and exchange of energy.

This exchange of energy is called the infinite loop and if you break it you are literally are breaking universal law. One who takes without giving back in return is truly one who is greedy. They want something but choose not to give in return.

Abundance for light workers and people with love in their hearts is a good thing. We see evidence of it everywhere and with the expectation of a VERY ELITE FEW; we fail to see how a person can change the world en masse while in a state of poverty.

At times we hear people say things like “This information was meant for everyone so withholding it for money is wrong and not in keeping with GODs plan”, or something of that ilk. True the information is for most everyone but whatever gave a person the impression that they were not meant to work for it or not exchange energy for it? As if to say it has no value or requires no effort so simply give to me because I want it. If it is meant to simply “know it” then a person would, instantly. So there is something divine to be gained in studying this information and of course placing energy out to those who offer it to them. This is universal energy in motion.

Is it a New Age thing?

While we appreciate the value of the current inspirational messages that are often loosely rooted in truth, at the present time, there is an over-abundance of spiritual misinformation flooding the spiritual teachings of the world by those whom are often referred to as ‘New Age Cheerleaders’. They are usually well-intentioned individuals, but they often deny or simply over look certain deep truths about the world we live in.

Time and again: participants of inspirational seminars and followers of the newest best-selling “spiritual” books grab hold of the misdirected or overly exaggerated claims that the ‘experts’ offer and end up being disappointed after all the hype has faded. Often the student finds the extend of these experts are limited to only the view point of whatever new book they wish to sell you.

As ridiculous as it is, more often than not these ‘experts’ try to make very deep spiritual understanding seem so simple as you need only read one or two books to give you all the answers you ever wanted in life or answer all the deepest spiritual understandings the divine has given us. Understanding the divine is an extraordinarily deep and intricate subject worthy of a lifetime (and longer) of understanding and while the latest new age book/philosophy may truly offer some beginning of guidance to the path of spiritual wisdom it is far from the end of the understanding the divine. More often than not, barely scratching the surface of true spiritual wisdom.

Within current New Age teaching there are many who do healing and teachings but they do not have the “lineage” to do this. They have not studied for many years nor have they deepened their knowledge of the subject matter. Often they believe that they have some powers or knowledge or a gift (usually invisible and unverifiable) that supports the services they offered, yet only placing the most modest amount (if any) in learning any ancient teachings with proven lineage and successful methodologies.

Most of the time these experts cannot bring the student into a deep(er) understanding of most spiritual subjects nor can they bring people to true empowerment and understanding of the deeper knowledge of the spirit world and our place as humans in it.

Another sad fact is many who teach ‘new age philosophies’ simply label true deep and ancient esoteric/metaphysical teachings as ‘dogma or unnecessary’, however these teachings are the original foundations of most the of the new age teachings in the world today, however chopped up, skewed and maligned the many new age teachings have made them out to be.  Omitting what they can’t understand or choosing not to understand or simply latching on to one small concept of understanding and trying to state that it is the whole of all there is, when in fact it may only be the first step of a million step journey.

A great deal of new age teachings boil down to some basics such as all you need to do is think good thoughts and good things will happen or negative energies do not exist, Karma is not in effect, the world is made only purely of light, the world is perfect just the way it is and there is nothing we need to do to change it, you do not need to take responsibility for your contribution or actions in the world, enlightenment comes simply by thinking and meditating about it and nothing else is needed, etc.

Often these new age teachings and teachers ignore the reality that adversity and dealing with negative energy is an unavoidable part of everyone’s life, instead promoting false assumptions which lead to a deep disservice to those seeking true spiritual knowledge in order to truly come to know thyself.

Within true lineage holders and Metaphysical teachings you as the seeker can be sure that both lineage and authority is there. True Metaphysical lineage has thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom that has been handed down from teacher to student, unbroken and this lineage will benefit the student far more greatly long term. Teachings that involve proven and effect methods on dealing with all aspects of our mental, spiritual and physical lives.

The Modern Mystery School tradition is an example of these teachings and has a direct lineage from King Solomon for over 3000 years. The teachings are not based on some new age pop up philosophy but are solid teachings and healing methods that have been tried and true for thousands of years. To put it simply, the teachings are ancient, they have been proven to work and they will take the student into far more deeper wells of knowledge then any new age teachings could ever hope to offer.

Is this a cult?  Will it conflict with my religion or beliefs?

This is a very interesting question that comes up now and again with new people when they try to get a feel for the school and what we are all about. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term cult as:

  1. A system of religious worship directed towards a particular figure or object.
  2. A small religious group regarded as strange or as imposing excessive control over members.
  3. Something popular or fashionable among a particular section of society.

Well as for point one; every religion on the planet is defined as a cult. As for points two and three they can be applied to numerous corporations, organizations, institutes and political groups.

  • The school’s entire system of training is based on FREE WILL and taking control of your choices in life and not surrendering them to us or anyone else.
  • We are not exclusive in a system or belief in GOD. In other words, we do not believe there are only ‘one or two ways’ in which to connect to the divine. Although we teach many different ways to connect and work with the energies of the divine we do not attempt or desire you to stop doing what works best for you and your own personal connections. This being said we have many people from numerous spiritual/religious backgrounds including numerous forms of Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, Shamanic, Pagan and Hindu belief systems. Each student takes the new pieces of information they have learned and applies it to their own personal belief system to help enhance their personal connection to the divine.
  • We believe primarily in FREE WILL and kindness to all people, animals and all living things in general. Kindness, acceptance, and compassion above all else. In our modern age there is NO excuse by any person, country, group, organization, corporation, religion, etc, to be inhumane to another human being, whether based on political, moral, personal or spiritual grounds, period.