“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark:  The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

There are the truths that are agreed upon by larger society – the ones that you are taught and trained to believe from the time you are young.  And then there are the truths that you cannot explain.  The truth that you cannot question and yet have no evidence with which to substantiate it.  The truth that feels much older than your physical life.  The truth that is awakening and becoming more difficult to discount and ignore.

And it causes many to be afraid.  Because it is easier to be fed the truth rather than seeking it and illuminating it for yourself.  It can be scary because knowing this kind of truth requires you to really look at who you are, shadow and all.  It can be scary because the truth challenges your limits and pushes you to the very brink where you feel you might break in order for you to see what is beyond.  But sometimes breaking is necessary.  Not to invite pain, but rather to invite the healing that comes with picking up the pieces and recreating yourself to stand in your power.

Who you were and that person’s perceived limits will no longer serve you.  So who do you need to be now in order for you to serve?  What limits will no longer agree to?  What truth will you shine for the world to see?

If you are ready to seek this truth and you are ready to commit to the path of knowing yourself, bringing light to your shadow, picking up the pieces in the service of empowerment, and relieving the subconscious from its hold on your life, then we are ready for you.  Do not be afraid.

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Jonathan G. Itchon is a Servant to the Light holding space for the Divine in this world. A  multidimensional being in the process of awakening and remembering, searching for the questions that will give context to the answers.