“Others my call your beliefs, practices, or world views ‘weird,’ ‘crazy,’ or ‘strange.’  We call it normal.”

Every day, people walk through our doors who offer the disclaimer, “I know this sounds crazy…” or “I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud.”  It is an honor to to hold space for these awakening truths to come forth and to assure them that it actually doesn’t sound crazy and that we can believe what they are saying.

Because that is what Activate Austin is ultimately for:

To create safe and sacred space for people to be themselves, to awaken to their hidden gifts, to recognize their Light within, and begin to understand that what may sound “crazy” and “out of left field” may be exactly what the world and its people need to evolve and live in peace and joy.  


Lightworker is not an elective at school.  It does not occur to most parents or guidance counselors that your path may involve bringing gifts into manifestation that the world has never seen.  And it would be a safe guess that most children are not taught that clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and the other spiritual counterparts to the physical senses, are actually skills that can be developed and trained into true superpowers.  In fact, many, including myself, were discouraged from thinking they were real and putting them into practice.  And thus limits, blocks, and denial were given fertile soil to take root.

But the truth is that these superpowers do exist and can be trained.  And the truth is that those limits and blocks can be unlearned.  And the truth is that you do not need to live in denial of this truth to appease another’s fears.

So if you are looking for your tribe and wondering if a place exists where others speak your language and where others who are awakening can safely explore their emerging gifts (or reawaken them) -as crazy, weird, or strange as they may seem – rest assured that it does.

You are extraordinary.  You are special.  

And we have been waiting for you.

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Photo: @SheoftheWoods

Jonathan G. Itchon is a Servant to the Light holding space for the Divine in this world. A  multidimensional being in the process of awakening and remembering, searching for the questions that will give context to the answers.