The Call

Do you ever hear the whisper in your ear to uproot? Leave where you are and not look back? The feeling deep inside that there are things yet untapped and places yet seen which will help you to unleash your greatest powers?  I feel as though most everyone on a spiritual journey has felt this call and pull at some point along the way. Some more than others. And me being one of them. Now the question becomes: what is the call really saying?

Deciphering the Message

How often do you hear something come through either in meditation or waking life and it seems loud and clear, yet when you begin to unravel the details it seems a bit more complicated. Sound familiar? I have a few such instances of this.


The Bold and the Boston

About 6 1/2 years ago I was rotting from the inside out in Connecticut. This is perhaps a bit dramatic but it’s what it felt like. My spirit was dying. My soul was suffocating. It was time to get out! I got the message that I needed to “go back to school,” and so research and applications later landed me in the city of Boston where I never did attend a single graduate school class – what I did attend however, was much more than that. In Boston I found my Guide in The Modern Mystery School and yes, I did “go back to school,” but it was so much more than I could have ever bargained for.

Earth Healing Aho

Circa 2015 I received this triumphant message that I needed to HEAL THE EARTH. Yes, Earth Healing was my new calling and way to that was to attend a graduate program in the Berkshires. Oh I researched yet again. I was certain this time! This is it! Yet, as I kept listening I heard whispers “just wait.” And so I did. And glad I did because that Spring when I travelled to Toronto to receive further training in the Lineage of King Salomon I was gifted the experience of true Wicca and the opportunity to attend the introductory classes in that path only a few weeks later. When I saw this door open I knew that this was the “Earth Healing” they spoke of. And my message was made clear a move to Graduate School in the Berkshires was not it.

activate austin
Austin, Ain’t it Nice

Last year was another such event. Yes, this may seem like a lot but bear with me, it’s why I chose to write on this topic. Well, quite frankly I was yelled at in meditation that I was meant to visit Austin, TX. Not sure why exactly in that moment other than to learn and grow. However, once I left Austin after my trip I knew I’d be coming back soon…for good. Oh, it felt pretty crazy. Yet, it was undeniable.Within a month and a half I was packing up my car, my cat and myself and hitting the road for a very long 40 hour trek South (which I would not, on my life, recommend to anyone with any level of sanity). I had no job, no money and no plan but I had my courage, strength and assuredness that this was right. I had faced it before, and so I had become fairly adept and deciphering and discerning the truth of the move.

Is Your Guidance Clear? 

So, how can you tell?

Time to ask yourself some slightly disorienting questions, which could create a nice “red flag” checklist for you.

  1. Do I see the grass as being greener on the other side?
  2.  Is there a person/persons or situation I’m running from?
  3.  Do I think this will “fix” me?
  4.  Is there something I do not want to feel?
  5. Am I still searching for “home” outside of myself?

Now, some more, from a different angle.

  1. Am I willing to learn, grow and own this no matter the outcome?
  2. How ready am I to face my own power and responsibility?
  3. Have I sat with the realization that “no matter where I go, there I am”?
  4. Am I doing this for me?
  5. Will…this…bring…me…JOY?

The Big Move

Unavoidably, when we are on a spiritual journey, there will be stops along the way. We have not signed up for a 9-5, white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a pup routine. And most of the time we will be called to make BIG shifts for the sake of our growth. Often, this call will involve the choice of a physical move.

From personal experience, moving my physical home has been the most rewarding of all possible experiences each time. It continues to test me and show me my limits. It allows me to see the very nature of who I am, no matter where I go. Yet, that big move is not always outside. Sometimes, it’s inside. And that’s where our connection to Spirit will truly help guide the final decision as we ask some difficult, sometimes uncomfortable questions along the way.

by Casey O'Connell

by Casey O'Connell

Resident Practitioner, Activate Austin

Casey weaves 6 years of study in the Lineage of King Salomon with a deeply seated passion for restoring the balance of Light to our World, leading others to unfold and dig deeply within who they truly are. She is particularly adept at working with highly sensitive individuals whose gifts, when fostered, will change the World for the better.