Spiritual Intuition

Spiritual Intuition | Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts!

Psychic ability, a sixth sense, the gift of prophecy, clairovoyance, clairsentience – there are many names to describe this quality we simply call “spiritual intuition”. Everyone has intuition; the degree to which it is used varies from person to person. Intuition is often defined as “a knowing, without the use of rational processes.” Though for those who have a strong connection to their intuition, you know that receiving accurate information through it is as rational and true as any information obtained by the mental process.

How many times have you had a seemingly random thought or sensation that you should do or not do something, and then later find out that sense was completely accurate? Have you ever had a gut instinct about a situation and not listened to yourself but later realized you wish you had? Have you had a good feeling when meeting a new person, and then that person ended up becoming a great friend?

This is familiar to everyone. Intuition is natural, a part of all of us. Just like an inherent ability for athleticism or an aptitude for the sciences, spiritual intuition can be taught to those who have a little of it, increased in those with a budding penchant, and refined for those who knowingly engage these gifts.

Your spiritual intuition includes the use of your spiritual senses, or “gifts”. It in necessary to mention that the mere use or obtainment of your spiritual senses isn’t the end goal. Whichever spiritual sense is dominant isn’t the relevant point. There are many things to consider in the development of your spiritual intuition:

  • How are you using this connection?
  • How clear is your channel?
  • How well do you know yourself to know the information your senses is perceiving is actually correct?
  • Do you know who your higher self is?
  • Can you easily identify your higher self?
  • Where is your sanctuary? What does it look like?
  • Can you get to your sanctuary easily?
  • Does your mind wander when your psychic abilities engage?
  • Do you have mind clutter or mind chatter when trying to meditate?
  • Are you aware which of your psyhic or spiritual senses are dominant?
  • Do you know when your abilities are weakened or strengthened?
  • Are they affested by the seasonal or moon cycles? By what you do, think, or say?

Having clear and direct access to guidance from your higher self and the higher spiritual beings will serve each student well on their path within the school. It is a tool that should be viewed with seriousness and humility.

This workshop will teach you how to expand your awareness to perceive more that you thought you could. Opening and expanding all your spiritual senses will help you to receive information more clearly and easily.

Our spiritual senses mirror our physical ones and with practice, a keen sense of spiritual intuition can be cultivated. The truth is – we all hold the potential to be intuitive. It can be taught and improved greatly with practice. This class is focused on opening, developing, and perfecting your intuition: Clairvoyance (Spiritual Vision), Clairaudience (Spiritual Hearing), Clairsentience (Intuition & Feeling).

You may have a natural ability in one of these areas, but all three gifts must be opened and integrated for you to become a clear receiver. When these abilities are developed you gain intuitive guidance, teaching, healing, and spiritual growth. The result of this integration is full manifestation of who you truly are.

This class provides a fun and easy method to practice building your psychic abilities.