by Casey O’Connell and Jonathan G. Itchon


How often do you get a “full night’s sleep” only to wake up feeling exhausted?

Do you feel like you can’t shut your mind off even when you want to?

Does having time off with nothing planned make you feel anxious?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re certainly not alone.  What this points to is that most of us don’t know how to rest. Why?

Because rest, in this day and age, is taboo.  

Society at large, the educational system, the workplace, and the media are filled with messages that reinforce this belief.

Messages like:

  • Rest will lead to falling behind or losing out on an opportunity
  • Resting means you’re lazy or less capable
  • Rest is only needed if you’re weak or sick
  • Rest is something you earn that you need to pay your dues for first

We internalize these messages that allow us to fear rest and the judgments and consequences that come with it.  So in the service of good intentions of wanting to get ahead, wanting to be more productive, and not wanting to fail, disappoint, fall behind, or be replaced, we don’t allow ourselves to have the rest that we need.

Which, ironically, results in the very things we were trying to avoid:

  • Getting spread too thin
  • Feeling pressured to sacrifice quality for quantity
  • Feeling resentful, angry, and/or disillusioned
  • Getting exhausted, burnt out, and disempowered
  • Becoming sick

Does this ring a bell?

You cannot give to others what you don’t have to give.  This is the key to being in balance, truly productive, and in the flow of life.  One must allow themselves to receive so that they may give.

This is nothing new, it’s the natural cycle of life – the union of feminine energy and masculine energy within all of us.  If we seek to go outwards (masculine energy), we must first go inwards (feminine energy). Yin and yang….as within so without….birth and death.  How far we allow ourselves to go inwards dictates how far we can go outside of us. Want to pour from a full cup? You need to fill it first. This is a basic energetic principle and a core foundation to everything that we do at Activate Austin and the Hermetic teachings found within the Lineage of King Salomon within The Modern Mystery School. 

In an ideal world, we’d be raised with this as the status quo.  But it’s not the status quo, and not only do we allow ourselves to buy into the fear that rest is a bad thing and that we need to give before we can receive, but we learn to judge others for it, too.  And this perpetuates the rigid cycle of not resting, not giving to one’s self, and not living a fully productive and aligned life. Instead, life becomes filled with the negative consequences of not resting, and so that’s precisely what we have to share with others:excuses, gossip, divisiveness, and complaints.

So how do you get free from these patterns, beliefs, and thought processes that limit your productivity and keep you out of the natural flow of your life?


  1. Get aware and recognize that a problem exists.  No self judgment, no excuses, no blaming, no drama – there IS a problem.  So now that you know, what can you do about it?
  2. Learn what rest really is for you.  Rest is subjective – it’s different for EVERYONE, and it covers way more than just sleep.  Rest is about rejuvenation, allowing the body and mind to relax, and recharging your battery.  So what does that for you? Listening to music? Taking a shower or bath? Going dancing? Hanging out with friends?  Cooking? Meditation? What’s restful for you may not be restful to someone else, so keep your options open and be careful not to judge what may be restful for others!
  3. Make new choices and put action behind it.  Once you get a feel for what rest is for you, build those things into the foundation of your life. Replace choices that accrue negative consequences with choices that produce positive benefits.  Put them in your schedule and make them a top priority that you’ll promise to do consistently.
  4. Get support to hold you accountable.  This won’t be easy!  So get support to keep you on track.  Seek the counsel of a guide, healer, therapist, or someone you trust to help you heal and to keep you in check.  Journal. Join a community of others making positive changes in their lives to keep you motivated. Tell others about your intention to rest more and how you’re doing it to keep you honest and accountable.

Will you feel guilty, shameful, or anxious at first?  Sure. Will you wonder if you’re missing something or begin judging yourself for not doing enough?  Probably.

But have patience to unlearn these patterns, to resist jumping ship if you don’t get immediate relief, and to allow your mind and body to adjust to these positive changes so they can heal.

What else can you do?  Life Activation will definitely give you the boost to make positive, lasting changes and bring hope to your life.  And a practice of Max Meditation System™ will also help you to train your mind and body to relax and become more receptive and aware of the goodness and beauty in your life.


The change begins with you.  Allow yourself to pursue balance between rest and going inwards and creating and producing and going outwards and witness how much clearer you’ll feel, more present, more joyful, and how much more you can achieve in this lifetime!

Rest:  It’s the key to maximizing productivity and being in the flow of your life!

About the Authors

Casey O'Connell

Casey O'Connell

Life Activation Practitioner + Healer

Casey O’Connell is a naturally gifted and highly sensitive healer who is trained by The Modern Mystery School and practices with the Activate Austin community of lightworkers. She has learned, through deep personal study and growth, the importance of finding the balance within us. Casey is passionate about helping others awaken their unique life’s purpose and through this, creating a World that we don’t need to take a break from.
Jonathan G. Itchon

Jonathan G. Itchon

Life Activation Practitioner & Healer

Jonathan G. Itchon is a Healer, Life Activation Practitioner, and Meditation Instructor at Activate Austin.  After decades of burning the candles at all possible ends, his advanced training in spirituality and metaphysics through The Modern Mystery School and Universal Kabbalah has brought light to the vital balance between rest and activity.  Now, through allowing himself to experience rest, he’s able to serve hundreds of people and be a way more productive Lightworker using his keys to Shamballah to make a true difference in the world!  His mission: Paying it forward.