Pink Kunzite: The Stone of Unconditional Love

With our February theme of “Living from the Heart,” we want to explore ways to experience the beauty of the heart and the many flavors of love.  We chose Kunzite to be our crystal companion this month to explore the dimensions of the heart.

Whatever your perspectives on Love, Kunzite is a powerful crystal that goes beyond your attachments and past experiences and brings you back to the true nature of Love.



Here are two perspectives from Activate Austin practitioners Emily and Jonathan on the gifts that Kunzite can bring to your life!


For three weeks, I kept a bottle of Kunzite Gem Elixir with me at all times to develop a deeper level of understanding of this crystal’s beautiful energy. My first impression was a warm, comforting sensation that enveloped my entire being. The colors of light pinks and purples came to mind as this delicate but mighty force washed over my senses. It was as if I was being caressed, held, nurtured, and protected the way a child-bearer lovingly takes care of their young. Just as this bond is pure and develops a deeper level of caring for another person, it mirrored the way Kunzite worked with me.

Kunzite has a strong feminine quality to its energy- very sensual, delicate, inwards, lots of space to cultivate and embody feelings and expression, the strength to hold and carry others. It is calming and nourishing, and I could feel it working through more intense emotions with a kind patience to help transmute anger and worries into joy and inner-peace. Physically, my body felt lighter, as stress and blockage melted down into the earth to allow unconditional love to flood my system.

Throughout the few weeks spent with Kunzite, I felt myself most drawn to the elixir when  in times of needing comfort and a boost of self-love. This crystal created more space to know myself on a more intimate level and tap into the skills and abilities of my higher-self more easily. Through this connection, the intricate web of our world seemed to mesh in a simple, yet profound, harmony. My heart and crown chakras burst open from this love connection and radiated to the lives of those around me.



Life Activation Practitioner & Healer

Emily is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Max Meditation System™ Instructor, Crystal Healer, and Licensed Massage Therapist. Also a passionate and talented artist, Emily’s resides at the intersection of the artistic realms, physical and spiritual healing, and feminine energy, in order to play her role in transforming the world.



Life Activation Practitioner & Helaer

Jonathan is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Healer, Max Meditation System™ Instructor, and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon.  He combines these lineage modalities with his extensive background in Psychology, Fitness, Performing and Creative Arts, and Holistic Wellness to support you on your unique path of purpose.  He specializes in the empowerment of Indigos, Empaths, and the LGBTQ population.


My first meeting with Kunzite allowed me an immediate and more direct connection with my heart.  It simply would not allow thoughts to linger in my mind, and I could feel an expansive warmth in my chest.

And the longer I worked with Kunzite (especially as a gem elixir), the more I became aware of a new dimension of “sight.”  I could “see” how I was either promoting harmony or fueling discord in my relationships with others.  Kunzite was like a spotlight to the areas where I would stop myself from getting too close for comfort and where I would sabotage love in my life.

Kunzite helped me to process emotions without being emotional or attached to any particular outcome.  And its strong resonance of agape love served to eliminate a lot of “mental static” while heightening my empathic abilities.

Working with Kunzite easily brought to light the following questions for me:

  • “How can I value the feminine and my feminine qualities even more within myself?”
  • “Where do I have an opportunity to be more soothing, compassionate, and loving with myself?”
  • “How can I create greater harmony with others in my life while still being true to my heart?”

And it empowered me to make new choices to 1) be more loving with myself, 2) be more loving with others, and 3) be more supportive of the women in my life.

As a man, I found it to be extremely beneficial and eye-opening to work with Kunzite’s soft, feminine energy.  Especially in this time, I believe that it is essential that men become more familiar with this energy in order to be more in tune with the balance (or imbalance) of masculine and feminine energy within themselves and to live and act from a more heart-centered, intuitive place.

When it comes to acquiring a quality specimen of Kunzite, a small piece around 30-45mm can cost you anywhere from $15 to $60 dollars, which is on the higher range of pricing when it comes to crystals and semi-precious stones.  We always recommend using the highest quality gemstones you can find, especially when working with crystals for the purposes of healing and raising your vibration.  Gemstone elixirs are a convenient, affordable, and accessible way to use high quality gemstones to enhance your energy.

kunzite gemstone elixir

Suggested practical applications for working with Kunzite in your life:

  • Hold a Kunzite crystal in your left hand and take deep breaths with it, feeling its vibration circulate through your heart and into any parts of your being that are in need of love (e.g., your mind, an old injury or trauma, a part of yourself that you have learned to shame, etc.) with every breath.  Do this for at least 30 seconds each day.
  • Create a warm, comforting bath and add a full dropperful of Kunzite Gem Elixir (available in the Activate Austin store) to the water.  Light candles, use rose petals or lavender, add bubbles and/or Epsom salt, and have relaxing music playing if you like.   Feel Kunzite’s energy embracing you and allowing unconditional love to nourish every cell of your body as you bathe.  At the end of your bath, focus on letting go of any parts that are not aligned with this unconditional love and let them drain away with the water.
  • Place 3-5 drops of Kunzite Gem Elixir in a glass of water or a mug of hot tea.  Savor every mouthful or sip, aware of your breath and the sensation of Kunzite’s energy flowing love to you, both within and without.  Do this consistently to increase your ability to align with your heart and flow more love into your life.


Visit us at our center in North Central Austin to purchase Kunzite Gemstone Elixir at 25% off in the month of February.  Try it out for yourself!

We will also be sharing the Kunzite elixir at our CrystalSound Group Healing, February Full Moon Ceremony, and other Community Events during February!


We hope that you find this information helpful on your healing journey! If you’re interested in furthering your knowledge on crystals with one of our exciting crystal worker training classes or would like to schedule a therapeutic crystal session with one of our wonderful  practitioners, please contact us for more information.


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