Born and raised in Michigan, Jonathan Guerrero Itchon moved to Austin in 2002 to pursue his graduate degree in Educational Psychology at The University of Texas.  Upon his graduation in 2007, more than a completion, it turned out to be the beginning of much, much more.  Austin was the perfect place for nurturing his creative exuberance and thirst for knowledge on living holistically, within as well as without.  He is an award-winning actor throughout Texas, he has taught Pilates, Yoga, and Dance for over 8 years, he curates a blog called The Canary Files about discovering the food that finally loves you back, he is personal chef specializing in high-vibe, allergen friendly fine dining, and he is a devoted energy healer, meditation teacher, and guest liaison at Activate Austin.

How do you find the time in the day for all that you do?

“That’s a good question.  Honestly, there are some days where I feel I have more of the answer and there are others where I feel pretty clueless.  But at the end of the day, I don’t have to do all of these things – I get to do them.  I feel blessed to have many talents and the opportunities to keep using them, so in keeping my plate as full as it is, I approach it through the lens of gratitude.  I am grateful for these gifts, for the journey that has brought me here, and the opportunities I have to share these gifts with others.  I am making the most of my life, and through doing so, I hope to inspire others to do the same.  To realize just how limitless life can be.

That’s a great segue.  Tell me your thoughts on service.

“How much time do we have?  Whether I give you the long story or the short story, it’s pretty much the same.  I am here now, in this specific time and place, to take part in the realization of a world based in joy, love, and peace.  If you think that’s unrealistic, I would agree with you.  Because this new world is not based in this reality at all.  But what if we could live a life free from negative ego?  What if we could live in a world where the common thread of Divinity within each of us trumped differences based on skin color, eye shape, spiritual beliefs, who we choose to love, or socioeconomic status?  I know that this is possible.  And every day, I choose to contribute in every way that I can to enact this new world.  To bring it into manifestation through me and the ways that I choose to live and help others to believe as well.  In every living being, I see and I honor the spark of the Divine, and in my approach to my healing and teaching practice, I seek to empower that knowing within each of us.

What services do you offer at Activate Austin?

“I have been a certified Life Activation Practitioner since November – that is the one that I share the most.  It is an honor to witness the exponential growth following this healing and how it propels people onto their Path.  I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary since receiving the Life Activation and it boggles my mind how much has shifted since that day.  That is why I chose to have it handed down to me – so that I could pay that tremendous gift forward.  I also offer Aura Healing, Intuitive Readings, Crystal Healing, and Soul Retrieval in terms of lineage healing modalities.  Other services include teaching Max Meditation System™ six times a week, a Pilates class called Core Connection, one-on-one personal training, TriggerPoint™ MCT Therapy, and I facilitate the CrystalSound, Be Light, and Full Moon Ceremony community events.

Just a few things….

Ha!  Good one.  Yes, I like to stay busy.  And, honestly, I act as the guardian of Activate Austin.  We exist together, and I am committed to doing anything that is needed of me for this vision of a sacred place for spiritual community to gather to continue growing and evolving.

In any free time that you might have, what do you like to do to decompress?

I watch YouTube quite a bit.  Archived basketball and volleyball matches, Voice contestants from all over the world, and I love to cook.  I recently re-watched “The Matrix” after about 13 years.  That movie still amazes me, especially knowing what I know now.  

What’s next for you?

My desire is to begin training in martial arts again.  Kalaripayattu and Escrima in particular.  I will be launching a podcast soon entitled, “Light Bridge” and I am beginning the composition of a screenplay for a movie about the shifting collective consciousness and the evolution of humanity through the time of no more secrets.  I will be traveling to London at the end of June for further training and gaining more lineage healing modalities with The Modern Mystery School.  And around that same time I intend to have my own website officially launched.

Just a few things…

You got me.   

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