We at Activate Austin are crazy about crystals!  We’ve chosen Orange Calcite to kick off our year long journey monthly crystal themes for 2017 and we hope your relationship with crystals inspires more magick and power in your life.

Though crystals have been ancient allies in our mystery school lineage for thousands of years, they are now becoming increasingly more and more popular in the mainstream. Our wish is that each of the 12 themes will spark your desire to get to know each stone on a deeper personal level and to present more than what meets the eye about the crystalline kingdom. Each mineral specimen is a living being with unique gifts, and each month we will provide suggested ways can connect with them and begin to build lifelong, meaningful relationships that will help enhance your overall wellbeing.

With each stone, we’ve shared overall strengths that will compliment the topic of the month, but please take the time to get to know your crystals better by meditating with them and feeling their different energies. With an open mind and heart, and the faith to bring forth the positive changes you wish to see in your life, these beauties can aide in your transformational journey.

Questions and feedback about your own personal experiences with these crystals are encouraged, and if you’d like to know more about experiencing  more profound magick using crystals from lineage tradition, please join us for our Upcoming Classes or Healing Sessions at Activate Austin.

January 2017 Crystal of the Month – Create Your Joy with Orange Calcite

with Emily Michele Berry

2017 is an energetic time to wipe the slate clean of the past year, welcome in a fresh start, and plant the seeds to bring forth your deepest desires and dreams for this new, 9 year cycle. While working with the gorgeous and powerful Orange Calcite, start grasping the ability to strengthen your potential to manifest, and ask yourself what you truly want in your life!

Some energy signatures of Orange Calcite:

  • warming, energizing, uplifting
  • inspires creativity
  • helps lift one out of depression
  • encourages a positive outlook
  • clears the way for more Joy

In order to tap into the luscious energy of Orange Calcite, I worked with a beautiful therapeutic gem necklace, made with high quality AAA gem grade spherical beads.  Orange Calcite is a warm, energetic stone that even barely holding the necklace in my hands already started working on my being! When putting the necklace on, it felt like a heated, sparkling liquid infiltrated each cell of my body with a thick, honey-like comfort and sweetness. I immediately perked up and was reminded of the bright, invigorating sensation of basking in the warm rays of the glowing sunshine. A smile opened wide across my face as a radiating heat stirred up inside of my sacral chakra, along with a slight, dull awareness in my right diaphragm/solar plexus region of releasing emotional tension and “stuckness”. The hands sitting on my lap in meditative stillness began to buzz with activity, beaconing me to place them upon any part of my body that needed this calming healing.

The phase “make your own happiness and let go” kept repeating aloud as the stone continued sharing its capabilities. Mind-chatter melted away, and worries, anxieties, feelings of unworthiness, and fears experienced from the long day seemed to effortlessly vanish. The tightness across my forehead and strain stored within my upper abdomen and pelvic region started dissipating. An energizing, creative feeling, to be within my full, sensual power, and to ripple waves of bliss out into the world took over as all doubts and sadness seemed to be cast aside. There came a fierce mental clarity and brightness that urged me to use this focus on whatever it was I wished to make happen. A kind of sturdiness, equilibrium, protection, and an overall sense of wellness began to lock in from the inner-matrixes of my bones to my outer, energetic reaches. At the end of our intimate conversation, Orange Calcite gifted an inviting, and exciting piece of wisdom that is still resonating, delighting, and inspiring my soul:

“What is it that you hope to create? Because within and outside of you, the power and possibilities are endless!”

Practical Application with your Orange Calcite friend: Take some personal moments to sit with this crystalline teacher, listen to its guidance and what it can help you with during this transitional time, and write out what you’d like to bring forth in 2017. Brainstorm on ways to get started on birthing these desires into your reality and carry this stone with you as you take the steps to make it happen. By envisioning your intentions with Orange Calcite, you will feel true joy as you begin to see the fruits of your labor blossom before your very eyes!


It is our hope that you find this information helpful on your healing journey! If you are interested in furthering your knowledge on crystals with one of our exciting classes or would like to schedule a private therapeutic Ancient Crystal Healing session with one of our wonderful  practitioners, please contact us for more information.

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There is an overwhelming collection of information of crystals out there, some with very broad and foggy information that all seem to say the same, generic thing! Our number one suggestion from the Activate Austin Team is to do your own, personal research with each stone to enjoy a custom experience on how they work and what they will do for you.  Build your own relationship with each stone, and it will serve you in the way YOU need to be served!

Check out local crystal stores to have a more one-on-one connection with stones that sound interesting to work with, or invest in buying some from a reputable online shop! Below are our favorite resources for inspiration, but make sure you trust your inner-advice and instincts first and foremost! Rock on!