Many of us have experiences in life which lead to paradigm shifts, rejecting old ways of being and stepping into new awareness. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014.  It put me in a place where I needed to make a decision about the course of my healing process and general physical health. I didn’t realize how impactful of a decision this would be for me and the whole trajectory of my life.

I was closer to death and giving up on life when I got Lyme disease than I can remember being at any other time. This disease is potentially very debilitating to the body and nervous system with potential chronic conditions of a large spectrum. Looking back on that period of my life, I say with as much certainty that I can, that the conventional health care system failed me completely. It was obvious to me that the treatments on offer were insufficient and I needed to seek help from alternative sources. But, most importantly, I needed to take my destiny into my own hands because I simply wasn’t getting better. This process began with my naturopathic doctor and holistic treatments. But I knew on a deeper level that I needed to regain my will to survive and my will to THRIVE. And these things, in my experience, had to be sourced by tapping into something much bigger than me.

Lyme disease often causes extreme fatigue and lack of energy. To counter this effect I received a Life Activation from a local certified practitioner. This session helped me to retain a buoyancy and drive that was quite astounding. I honestly went from feeling like I was “running on fumes” to downright delighted to simply be alive again. I was able to perform again in personal life and work very soon, much sooner than expected. I remember driving down the highway and singing in my car and feeling like I had survived a war and was celebrating just to be alive! I had no rational explanation for this improvement. But I know that I felt a stronger connection to my spirit and my will to Live and enjoy life again. This helped me heal my physical body so much faster than I expected. A couple of months later, I even regained the motivation and courage to quit my current job and take on a better one in another state. I attribute this to the Life Activation.

My joy and self love was also very low due during the worst of the illness. I felt a complacency and a lack of desire to fight for myself when I encountered the structure of the conventional medical system which was not truly helping me heal. Ensofic Ray™ was the next healing session which I experienced and it turned out to be exactly what I needed at the time. This session, I recall, gave me the courage to move forward, and the after effects directly after I received this session pointed me naturally into a direction of taking control of my health and choices. I took it into my hands to fight for my life even though it took extra energy and going well out of my comfort zone to seek second opinions.

And through all of this in the darkest of times when I felt physical pain and near-crippling lack of energy, I turned to my simple ritual practice handed down to me in a class called Empower Thyself. These rituals helped me to retain peace and hope in a time when I could have let fear and resignation rule over me. I recall laying on my couch all day despondent, but then using my rituals to move past this, re-energize and remember that truly I am a divine being, much more than a physical body laying helpless in my living room. Rituals reminded me that only I could take my life back to a state of health and wellbeing and that I had the ability to do it.

I do not know what would have happened if I did not have access to these tools from the Modern Mystery School. But it is certain that I have grown so much since this episode in my life. The undeniable healing and forward movement I received from the Life Activation, Ensofic RayTM, and my personal ritual practice led me to cherish myself much more, heal myself and helped to create a desire to share this with others who are working through their own challenges in life. I am now a certified Life Activation Practitioner myself and continue to grow and move forward on my path of progression.

healthy livingToday, I have virtually no physical or psychological symptoms from Lyme disease. I’ve shifted a tremendous amount in my life with better choices for optimal health such as altering my diet and cutting out all alcohol and smoking. My career path is now different, as I’ve moved to a new city to put my lifestyle and happiness first and I’ve chosen more flexibility and an entrepreneurial life.

The paradigm shift for me was finding out for myself first-hand that there is a spiritual source to everything in our physical life. And we can take our destiny into our own hands and heal as long as we have the will to do so. The lineage tools available through the Modern Mystery School have been the catalyst for me to continue to move forward and tap into my own will to live and thrive.

Ian Strachan, Ph.D.

Ian Strachan, Ph.D.

Life Activation Practitioner

Ian is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Max Meditation System™ Instructor, and Energy Healer. Trained as an academic economist, Ian has a passion for new venture development and empowering New Paradigm entrepreneurs to move forward on their path with the tools of the lineage of King Salomon.