While I believe that the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” carries a lot of truth, like anything, it can be twisted to contribute to an anthem of disempowerment.  How does it disempower?


  • If they really care and are of any substance, they’ll look past my exterior to what really counts
  • I don’t need to care about how I look – I would rather focus on my inner world
  • It’s “old paradigm” to care how you look – that’s shallow and doesn’t matter anymore
  • Only the best books have tattered and worn covers – like diamonds in the rough

What do all of these have in common?  They’re masks.  Excuses for why you won’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes and look past everything you hide behind.  Why you won’t see yourself as a whole – only in parts that suit the stories, half-truths, and perceived expectations that weave throughout your life.

A basic Hermetic principle that’s present through all the teachings of The Modern Mystery School is “as within, so without.”  So if you’re doing work on the inside, doesn’t it make sense to do work on the outside? It’s called balance. It’s called alignment.  And while the immediate trigger for most is that caring about one’s appearance is a sign of “vanity,” “selfishness,” or the dreaded ego, that’s another idea that’s been warped to keep people from growing.  


To allow the beauty that’s within you to shine on the outside is an honor that you pay to the gift that is YOU.  


The divine gift that is your life.  Does this mean that you have to spend excessive amounts of money on jewelry, material possessions, plastic surgery, and designer brands?  No. Does it mean that you find clothing, accessories, and styling choices that you like that highlight your inner essence so that others can actually see it and experience its truth?  Yes. See the difference?

If you’re still stuck on the belief that caring about your exterior and cleaning it up necessarily detracts from how spiritual you are and how in touch you are with your connection to Nature and the Universe, I would encourage you to get that checked out.  My hunch is that the Universe doesn’t want you to show up looking like you just rolled out of bed or got dressed in the dark believing that yoga pants, cargo shorts, and/or flip flops qualify as business casual. 


Hiding behind the choice to let your exterior appear neglectful, unkempt, and disheveled only proves one thing – that you don’t know your true self.  Doing the work of knowing who you are requires reflection and interaction balanced with introspection.

If what you’re putting out into the world is that it’s all about the inner and who cares about the exterior, or vice versa, it’s a denial to see yourself through the eyes of another.  It’s a denial of self as a whole. It’s the opposite of connection. It’s cutting yourself up into pieces, prioritizing the pieces that “matter” in your opinion and the pieces you’d rather tuck away so you can deal with them later without giving others a chance to experience you as a whole person.  The media already does an amazing job with that. Why would you want to add fuel to the fire?

If you really showed up as your true self, you might have to start owning your impact and the influence that you can have to change other people’s lives and make the world a better place.  You could no longer hide behind the lament that “they just don’t get me…they obviously only care about surface, superficial, shallow stuff” because you’d get that that message is for you. Perhaps the reason they don’t take you seriously is because you’re not doing that for yourself.  Your inner and outer are out of alignment, you’re actually emphasizing it, and you’re pretending that that’s balanced and desirable. That’s a red flag for anyone that self-work is needed. Not as a judgment, but as a reality. We all have work to do to know who we are and to own it.  Some of us are just better at distracting ourselves from it.

So care about how you appear.  It can be scary, but try. The fact that it scares you or triggers you is all the more reason to do it.  Begin expressing your heart and the power of your Light through what you choose to wear and how you choose to look so that you can accurately represent what you know to be within you.  And when that changes (because it will), change it up again. Because when you show up as the divine being whose essence flows in your veins and you view the world from a place of royalty and you begin to actually own your crown, the world changes for the better.  You see yourself as a force in the world. And that is what the world truly needs: Individuals who believe and know that they can make a difference.

When people begin to break free from the trickery and deception that keeps us small and perpetuates the fighting, the judging, and separation from one another, the tide will begin to turn.  And while it begins as ripples that fade in the blink of an eye, those ripples are contributing to waves which contribute to a tidal wave that carries the power of Revolution and Rebirth. It all matters.  It all helps. It’s all part of the solution. It’s all part of The Modern Mystery School’s mission to restore World Peace.

Take off the masks.  You don’t have to do it all at once – take your time.  And as you do so, revel in the Light that is revealed, showing you Who you truly are and illuminating Why you’re here.  Allow yourself to be seen in all your glory as the Divine being that you are, and see this Divinity and glory in everyone else (not just the people you like).  For when you’re open like this, there’s no need for covers, for disguises, or shields to protect yourself.  You can be free, balanced between what is within and without. You are empowered to overflow your Light to yourself and others with no reservation.  This is the hallmark of a leader. You can be that leader.

And that is the Great Work.  That is the darkest Mystery. That is your story to tell.  So stop running already and begin. If you want to show the world who you really and what you’re really about, you should probably know what that is first.  

Allow yourself to be seen for who you truly are and own your Divinity inside and out.  It’s time!

Jonathan G. Itchon

Jonathan G. Itchon

Healer, Life Activation Practitioner

After decades of hiding from his true self, Jonathan is passionate about serving others to know themselves and showing up as their true, divine selves on all dimensions.  Through his extensive training in psychology, spirituality, nutrition, fashion, metaphysics, and the performing and visual arts, his skill set is perfectly suited for holistic healing and major breakthroughs, helping people to claim the spotlight on the stage that is their life!