Amidst the most recent Full Moon last week, there may have been days where you experienced  confusion, a sense of feeling stuck, or even frustration.  Some themes that came up in our healing practice included:

  • The desire to both rest and be active
  • The wish to be alone while also wishing to be social
  • The urge to create with ideas and thoughts that have not fully formed
  • The calling to change and transform coupled with the concurrent fear of change and the unknown

Total Solar EclipseSound familiar?  You are definitely not alone.  In the grand scheme, keeping with the theme of the past few days, it is nonsense that seeks to make sense of the world we live in.

We exist in duality – nothing is one-sided.  And, often, to understand the experience of one polarity, it requires a fuller experience of the opposite polarity.  So, with the celestial event of this past full Moon moving through a lunar eclipse while also being void of course, our lives reflected that with the opportunity to see both sides simultaneously and feel pulled in both directions.  The Moon was our mirror for the simple complexity that is the physical existence.

But what I find that it truly can speak to is the power of choice in the assertion of balance.  To know that there are times to rest as well as times to be active.  Times to be alone and to times to be with others.  Times to create and times to incubate.  Times to change and times to integrate.  And ultimately, to have grace and patience with ourselves as we progress on our journey, navigating the hills, valleys, ebbs, and flows like the cycles of birth and death we see in the Moon.

And through that, having a greater capacity to have Grace, Patience, and Compassion for others and our journey.  Not simply as individuals, but truly as One.

Jonathan G. Itchon is a Servant to the Light holding space for the Divine in this world. A  multidimensional being in the process of awakening and remembering, searching for the questions that will give context to the answers.