The Four Worlds Community Healing Night

Gather with like-minded community to experience mini healing sessions from our certified team of Resident and Affiliate Practitioners to jumpstart transformation, real healing, and profound momentum on your unique path of progression! Meet your tribe, fill your cup, and receive the healing you need to make 2018 the best year yet!

What is The Four Worlds Community Healing Night?

• A monthly event where select healing modalities offered at Activate Austin are offered at a special rate of up to 60% off for one night only.

• An opportunity to gather with like-minded, awakening community in truly sacred space.

• A direct way to bring more Light to the world through You!

What makes The FOUR WORLDS Community Healing Night different?

• All of the healing modalities you will experience are direct from the ancient lineage of King Salomon. The integrity of these healings has been preserved through direct teacher to student teaching for over 3,000 years!

• All practitioners are Initiates in true Mystery School tradition and are trained and certified to offer these healing modalities to you.

The ancient healings found in the respected and revered lineage of King Salomon are Universal and are meant for All. Each healing is truly holistic, working on every layer of your being for body, mind, and spirit.

If you’ve tried several different way to approach an issue or challenge in your life – whether it be through Western medicine, Eastern medicine, herbs, acupuncture, New Age, psychotherapy – and something’s still missing, this may be the key!

ADMISSION IS FREE : Healing Sessions range from $20-40 each