Join us for a spiritual community gathering and ceremony every Full Moon!


For those who desire a focused intentional spiritual practice in a sacred space to celebrate with others on the Full moon.

The Full Moon is the most powerful time of the month to set your intentions, rebirth yourself, and attract what you desire into your life!  During this special portal of potential, we will use magick from our Hermetic lineage to connect with the moon through meditation, ceremony, and specific rituals to more purposefully manifest what we desire in our lives.

This event is open to both men and women. We welcome all backgrounds and belief systems in this non-dogmatic spiritual practice, though please note we do honor goddesses and deities from many traditions.

Full Moon ceremonies are co-facilitated by Jonathan G. Itchon & Vanessa Nova, initiates in the Hermetic mystery school lineage of King Salomon.

Come and Join Us!