Intro to Ensofic Ray™ Healing Modality

Join us once a month for a powerful group healing experience that gives you a taste of the Ensofic Ray Healing Modality!  Give yourself this time and space to realign, rejuvenate, and reconnect with your infinite potential and your natural state of Joy!

The Ensofic Ray™ Group Healing Night is held in a sacred space built by Initiates in the respected lineage of King Salomon using ancient ceremonial magick from direct Mystery School tradition.

The pure energy flowed in this group healing event is directly from Source – also known as Ensof, the source of all things – realigning you with your true Center and limitless capacity to heal!

Potential Benefits include:
* A deepened sense of inner peace and calm and a lasting sense of joy
* Increased capacity to break through mental and emotional blocks and heal physical ailments in your life
* A tangible experience of Love direct from the Divine
* A re-alignment of the physical body, soul, and spirit to reawaken awareness of your Eternal self!

The Ensofic Ray™ Group Healing Night is an absolutely unique group healing experience that is unlike anything else you have ever known.

Cost: $25
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