crystal worker training

Learn ancient lineage teachings and healing modalities from a true Mystery School tradition to tap into the crystal magick! From crystal experts, energy healers, to those who are only now becoming aware of crystals, this workshop will give you tools and teachings that can immediately enhance your life!

In Sacred Geometry 2, you will learn true crystal magick! In this full day workshop with Aaron Zeigler, high Initiate in the Lineage of King Salomon through the Modern Mystery School, you will learn the following ancient healing modalities and lineage techniques:

• Ancient Crystal Healings:
Learn how to use gemstones for healing on ALL dimensions! Offer this ancient crystal magick as a healing session to clients, family, friends, and even yourself!

• Crystal Readings & Blessings:
Connect to the wisdom of crystals to access the Akashic records and offer intuitive readings! You will also receive 3 blessings using crystals to invoke energies to heal past trauma, new trauma, and invite abundance and good fortune!

• Crystal Dreaming:
Employ the aid of crystals to facilitate lucid dreaming and more productive dreamwork!

• Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids:
Learn how to grid your home, work, and/or healing space by hanging crystals in specific geometric ordered formations to anchor a higher vibration and more Light! These four separate grids will offer:
1. Protection
2. Bringing God into the Space
3. Calling in the God & Goddess of Light
4. Manifestation & Completion of All your Desires & Needs!

Join us for a Transformative day of Healing and Learning that will give you access to lineage tools and teachings from a true Mystery School tradition to enhance your life on all levels with the magick of crystals!

In addition to the above, you will also receive:
• Crystal Healing Starter Kit
• Twin Quartz Crystals and Reader
• Sacred Geometry and Crystal Magick Manual
• The opportunity to practice and apply all teachings and healings with fellow classmates!

PREREQUISITE : Sacred Geometry 1
(Sacred Geometry 1 is taught once a month at Activate Austin.)

Class Tuition: $350
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