Life Purpose Reading

Get clarity on why you are here and what you’re meant to do!


Our spirits are vast and eternal, beyond what the mind can comprehend, and we have participated in many past lives and off-world incarnations preparing us for this lifetime.

In addition, we have a spiritual family lineage we are sourced from, just like we have a genetic family here in the physical. We have connections to Angels, Archangels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more and all this is stored inside the 11th Codon of our Spiritual DNA.

We only have to use the correct key to unlock the door of understanding our vast human Spiritual DNA!

With this work you can gain in-depth knowledge of:

  • Contract with God & Relationship Contracts
  • Specific information on when and how to fulfill these contracts, including what they have completed and what is left
  • Birth and origin of their spirit (how their Spirit was born and where it originates from)
  • Spirit level initiations they received to prepare them for the physical
  • Their Soul Type: Human, Angel, ET, Master, etc
  • What information their guides want them to know
  • So much more…..


“I had a Life Purpose Reading with Aaron… Never had anything like it!And I have received every kind of reading you can probably think of and done them for others too. I was going through some very deep introspection trying to figure out what to do next with my life at a big crossroads. I felt that there was some vital piece of information missing, so I went to Aaron hearing about his Life Reading where someone can read directly from your “11th codon” rather than using cards. (This was him reading an energetic aspect of my DNA.)
His reading was exactly what I needed to hear and full of very deep truths unique to me that I strongly resonated with and opened my eyes. After having this reading I have felt a stronger sense of my self and I trust my inner guidance more. It was like he was speaking to my soul the whole time and I go back and re read the notes from that and still find it extremely useful months later. It explained and put into perspective what I have interested in throughout my whole life and explained what I am really here for on the planet.
When I put it to the test in my life it actually worked for me too. This reading is a life changer. Highly recommended!”

-David, Health and Wellness Coach, Seattle, WA

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