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Why have your home cleared?

fresh bright apartment after house clearing

Our homes are our sacred space where we retreat and replenish our souls from the outside world. However, they can also be a breeding ground for negative emotional energies from previous owners or from ourselves, families and friends.

Everything is energy. Good moods, bad moods, addictions, viruses, words, thoughts and feelings all create energy. As we live in our homes, a build up of energy occurs depending on the way we choose to live our lives.

Cleansing the energy in our home is just as important, if not more important, as normal house cleaning and organization. Personally cleansing your space energetically should be done at least once a week if not more, but sometimes you would need someone else to step in and assist with a deep cleanse and blessing,  especially if you have just moved into a new space, if someone has been sick or if there has been some sort of emotional upset where negative energy has been created.

The energy debris can be a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences, and stress that you have experienced in your space. Your house is like a sponge. Whatever transpires in your environment is absorbed into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceiling, and objects. Frequently, these negative energies accumulate in the corners and tucked away places. Also, if you had a negative event happen recently or a lot of sadness or fear, cleanse your space immediately!

STEP ONE:  Clearing clutter is the first step in cleaning your space.

STEP TWO: Call in the professionals for a house clearing + blessing!

Once your space is cleared, the energy of the space lifts, brightens, and circulates freely.

When Should You Have Your Space Cleared?

The following situations are especially important for having a house clearing:

  • When you move into a new space
  • When a roommate or companion moves out
  • After you remove clutter
  • After an argument
  • After a divorce or break-up
  • After an illness or death
  • When you buy an antique or second-hand item
  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning
  • Before implementing feng shui
  • After a break-up or divorce
  • After the death of a loved one
  • After a move, job change or major life transition
  • Transitioning from abusive or co-dependent relationships
  • If you often work with energetically “draining” clients or people
  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning

sage smudging for space clearing

When your home, business, or land is cleared, you are clearing your life!  Provide yourself and your environment with the most positive energy for your life and work.

House Clearing Service Includes:

  • Clearing of all unwanted/negative energies from your work/living space
  • Cleansing of energies present
  • Affirmation and/or reaffirmation of the intent or purpose of the space
  • Blessing of the space and persons occupying it
  • Energetic alignment of the space to serve you at the optimal level

Enhance your home and your office by creating a sacred space, bringing Spirit more directly into where you live and work. This is done by laying down a sacred circle, followed by the activation of each room with sacred geometric forms.

As each of these levels is laid in, you can actually feel the vibration change and the energy rise as more Light begins to accumulate in the space. Your home or place of work will be prepared to serve you.

In addition, a temple can be created in a specially designated area, providing you with a sacred and holy place for meditation, prayer, and worship.  We also offer classes and training to teach you how to create and maintain sacred space.

We offer our space, office, and house clearing services in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Cost will vary depending on the size of the space or area of the property and generally we start with a base price + hourly rate.

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