What is Ensofic Ray™ Healing Modality?

The Ensofic Ray™ (or Ensofic Reiki™) is a form of healing that provides the full spectrum of healing energy.  It’s a non-religious, non-dogmatic way to work with  universal spiritual energy for true wellness to balance the physical, emotional, mental, soul, and spiritual aspects of life!

Potential Benefits of Ensofic Ray include:

  • Increased capacity to break through mental and emotional blocks and heal physical ailments
  • A re-alignment of the physical body, soul, and spirit to reawaken awareness of your Eternal self!
  • A deepened sense of inner peace and calm and a lasting sense of joy
  • A tangible experience of Love direct from the Divine

This incredible Healing Modality includes a 3-Session Series.  We offer a Group Introduction monthly if you’d like to experience this energy firsthand.

• The first session works on eliminating blockages in the physical body.

• The second session works at the soul and spirit level, where the twelve rays of creation are infused and activated within the client’s energy field.

• The third session is customized for each person depending on the client’s unique needs  and to support the new energies that have been infused and activated within the client’s energy system.

After the completion of the 3 session protocol, additional sessions may be needed to target specific physical areas of the body, chronic illness, or negative habits.

INVESTMENT: $600 (total of 3 sessions) | Additional sessions: $200 per session

Feedback from Our Clients

“I felt it (The Ensofic Ray™) breaking through deep-seated mental blocks and patterns, from both this life and before, and allowing balance to be restored in the recesses of my subconscious.  There were literal “pops” happening throughout the session, and the biggest one caused my whole body to flush and tingle as it released and flow was restored.  I feel clearer, more aware, and more energized to do what I’m here to do – focused and ready to bypass distractions and follow through with my intentions!” 

-Jonathan, Yoga + Meditation Instructor, Austin TX

“I recently severely injured my foot to the point that I could not walk. During the Ensofic Ray™ healing, I felt intense energy flowing through my entire leg and even physical shifting of the soft tissues of my foot. By the end, I gained 15 degrees of movement back in my ankle.” 

-Alan, Massage Therapist, Austin TX

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