“Since the individual soul is part of the universal soul, man has access to powers he does not know, but which time and knowledge and experience will gradually reveal to him.” –Frater Albertus

What does it mean to stand in your power?  How can we truly stand in our power if we understand only a small fraction of what our power is?  What sources of energy, power, and light can we plug into and how can we connect to them in a sustainable way?

The work of the mystery school tradition is true spiritual EMPOWERMENT and initiates in this tradition have been asking and answering these questions for thousands of years.  Here we’ll explore sources of our personal and spiritual power through the lens of the ancient Hermetic tradition and The Modern Mystery School.

The Power of Connection

When we think of raising our vibration and accessing more power, we can use the metaphor of how we use electricity in our modern world.  I’m a metaphysician and healer, not an electrical engineer or electrician, but let’s illustrate this concept in a simplified way.

pexels-photo-296625Let’s take the example of a mobile phone.  In order to charge your phone, you have to plug it into a power outlet.  This outlet connects to the electrical circuitry in your home, which connects to wires and power lines in your neighborhood and connects to your local and regional power grid.  The power in this grid is generated and harnessed from a number of sources, including coal (earth/fire) or even renewable and sustainable alternative energy sources like wind turbines (air), hydroelectric power (water), or solar power from the sun (fire).  On its way to you, this energy is modulated and stepped down into different voltages or frequencies, otherwise the pure raw energy would explode your precious little phone and create havoc all along its path! Also, if you failed to plug in your phone, it would run out of power before too long.

In order to raise our vibration and plug into all of the sources of power we have access to, we need to bring awareness to these sources of power.  We need tools, structures, and systems to sustainably connect with them, otherwise we would burn out or damage our energy systems! When you are connected and plugged into higher and higher frequencies in a safe and sustainable way, you can stand in your power and not be swayed and defeated by the ups and downs of life.

Plug in and Connect

So let’s examine the metaphysical and spiritual energy sources or systems that you can plug into in order to raise your frequency and vibration and stand in your power.

1.The Four Elements

Just as we harness physical energy sources like solar and wind power and connect into them for electricity, we too can connect to the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire and harness their power.  The elements are part of us and make up our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies. The study of  Shamanic traditions like Wicca as well as esoteric studies in true Hermetic Alchemy can provide real practical experience with the nature of the 4 elements and their properties.

2. The 7 Chakras

In the spiritual world, most people are familiar with chakras.  In the mystery school tradition, we teach that we actually have a system of thousands of chakras points, however we have 7 main chakras.  These 7 chakras are like transistors or energy dials in your soul that modulate the energy between your physical body and your spiritual being.  When our chakras are open and flowing we can connect heaven and earth!

3. Mother Earth and Father Sky

When our chakras are fully open, we have connectivity to Father Sky above, bringing Spirit and Heavenly energies through our crown chakra and to Mother Earth below, bringing in grounding, nourishing energy.  In order to manifest in our lives we need these connections open and flowing as well. Just like electrical wiring needs to be grounded, so do we! We’ve all met people who are ungrounded and flighty or even experienced this ourselves.  Connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sky allows us to harness the energies of creation! When we are grounded and centered in this energy we can stand strong in our power and can easily withstand the hard knocks of life.

4. The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a map of creation and a system of metaphysical study, which is also an energy structure in our being that overlays our chakra system.  This map is also a circuit of energy and power that flows from Above to Below and back again and again eternally. When we work with and study this esoteric system, especially through Universal Kabbalah, we are able to bring our energy up through our chakras, up to source, and bring it back down into the world of creation, enabling us to master our lives and manifest our desires!

5. Higher Self

Our Higher Self is the part of us that remembers who we are before we came into this physical life, our Eternal Spiritual Self, without masks, limitations, personality, pain, or suffering.  Our higher self is a real person, an aspect of ourselves—THE REAL YOU. Through the tools of the Mystery School tradition, such as the Sanctuary Meditation, we can build a personal relationship with this being, sit face to face with them in conversation and ask them for guidance and insight in all personal matters of our lives.  Having this connection is invaluable and a true source of immeasurable power!

6. Spirit Guides and Light Team

Whether we are aware of them or not, we have many spiritual guides that work with us in a team whose main goal is our spiritual and personal progression.  There are many types of guides including a team of 4 primary spirit guides, as well as ancestors, animal spirits, angels, archangels, elemental guides, galactic guides, and so many more.  When we build our awareness and connection with our guides we realize we have an immensely powerful group of light beings who are on our team backing us, guiding us, and cheering us on.

7. Galactic Self

Whatever your feelings about the existence of extraterrestrial life, we teach in the Mystery School tradition that we are Galactic Beings.  Before we existed as physical beings in human bodies, we we were not of this earth. We came from somewhere that was not on this earth, a spiritual, non-physical source that was beyond this place that we call home.  Simply, we were extraterrestrial! The study and understanding of our galactic nature, who we are before this physical existence and our nature as Eternal Beings will give us great power in navigating our physical life.

8. Our Feminine and Masculine Nature

According to ancient Hermetic tradition, everything in the universe has both masculine and feminine energy and it takes both to create.  Thus, within us we each have feminine and masculine energy, regardless of our sex or gender identity. When we learn to balance and wield these energies within us, we gain the keys to unlock wholeness and manifestation in our lives, as feminine power and masculine power each hold unique qualities and gifts.

9. The Power in Community

At Activate Austin, we have adopted an African proverb to live by:  “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”  Though ultimately each one of us have our own unique path, there is an undeniable power in community that is exponential.  A spiritual community of like-minded brothers and sisters provides us support, reflection, love, collective intelligence and wisdom, accountability and so much more that we would not otherwise have access to if we were to isolate in our spiritual journey.

10. Lineage

If we go back to our metaphor of electricity in our modern world, we can think of lineage as the power lines that go back throughout time, connecting to the power source and bringing it back down into YOU.  In the Modern Mystery School, lineage is of the utmost importance and we take great pride in our unbroken line of power and magickal tradition that goes back 3000 years to the time of King Salomon and his temple.  When you step onto the path at the the first initiation, a 2-day class called Empower Thyself, your energy systems and circuitry are plugged in and recalibrated to flow 10 times more light.  This is made possible because of lineage and the connection to the source of power that flows down through the ages and all of the thousands of initiates who came before you and this flows down into YOU.  It is through progressive initiations in lineage that we can tap into a sustainable system of accelerated growth and evolution. What could be more powerful than that?

11. The Source of All Things : EnSof

We have been exploring the concepts of power and source here, so let’s go all the way to the true Source of All Things!  In Kabbalistic tradition, we call this source EnSof, the all and the nothing, a paradox that is beyond the comprehension of our human minds.  We have an affirmation that states “All the Power That Ever Was or Will Be is Here Now!” Though simple, this is a powerful and deeply esoteric statement that becomes more and more true for me every day.  When we can ultimately plug into this source and flow it in our daily lives, we can truly live lives of magick and miracles.

Stand in Your Power

When we bring awareness to and connect to all of the sources of power we have available to us, we do the work of knowing ourselves as the vast spiritual beings we are and this gives us the real experience of empowerment.  From this place of empowerment, things like standing up for ourselves, speaking our truth, setting good boundaries, manifesting the life and abundance we desire, and living with purpose and joy become a natural part of our lives.

So how do we connect to these 11 sources of power?  What tools can we use to plug in and connect in a sustainable way?

The first steps in our tradition are Life Activation and Empower Thyself Initiation, which open up an infinite world of exploration and study into magick, metaphysics, light, and power. Ultimately you will come to “KNOW THYSELF” which is the true meaning of standing in your power.

If you’re interested in taking the steps on this journey of empowerment and the multitude of healing modalities, classes, and initiations you can experience to connect into these sources of power, please contact one of our certified Resident Practitioners today to schedule your Initial Consultation or contact a Certified Professional in your area.

Vanessa Nova

Vanessa Nova

Co-Founder & CEO, Activate Austin, Modern Mystery School Guide

With 20+ years experience in the field of energy healing, spirituality, wellness and 11 years in the lineage of King Salomon, Vanessa offers a variety of healing modalities and classes to support your empowerment and growth.  She has dedicated her life to serving others on this path, helping them to stand in their power and connect to their limitless being.