Tea flows every day at Activate Austin – It is a powerful ally in our healing practice.  Beyond being pleasing to the palate and offering a boost that is both invigorating and relaxing, it is a reflection of our desire to Serve.  An exchange of life force, not simply from the one serving to the one being served, but reaching back through the lineage of the tea plant from the sowing of the seed through the cultivation, harvesting, and preparation for consumption, and going even farther beyond, traveling through the millennia of tea culture and tradition spanning the evolution of all humankind.  And with every cup and every sip and slurp, we are given the opportunity to experience the whole of that journey with all of our senses, heightening and expanding what we see, smell, hear, taste, and what we feel.  What we know.

And we honor that Life and its purpose, and how it has brought each of us here, to this present moment.  Experiencing the life force within one another, and appreciating the Peace and Divinity within.

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Photo credit: She of the Woods

Jonathan G. Itchon is a Servant to the Light holding space for the Divine in this world. A  multidimensional being in the process of awakening and remembering, searching for the questions that will give context to the answers.