In order to change and transform, we must allow ourselves to truly let go of what was and hold space for what will be.  This is a truth that can be easily overlooked in the healing process.  Admittedly, it is much easier said than done, and yet without this crucial understanding, healing can become difficult and overwhelming, to the point of helplessness.  I have seen it in clients.  I have seen it in friends and family.  I have seen it, and felt it, in myself.

For healing comes from within, and it begins with the choice of wanting something different for your life.  No longer settling.  No longer accepting that life is what you were given and that’s it.  It comes from empowerment to take responsibility for your healing and growth and to create a reality where you can and will be living the life you wish for yourself.

And this requires you to let go.


To choose healing, and to take action towards it.  And it calls upon to you to receive this healing when it does come to you, in whatever way, shape, or form.  The plan for us is to continue growing, and to achieve that, we must be willing to walk the edges of what we know and resist complacency and comfort when things are “just right.”  So we may grow into our knowing.  So we may heal to become stronger.

For just as the caterpillar may not remotely resemble the butterfly it is destined to become, our transformation may be equally unpredictable.  But in the end, it will be perfect.

Photo Credit: Jonathan G. Itchon

Jonathan G. Itchon is a Servant to the Light holding space for the Divine in this world. A  multidimensional being in the process of awakening and remembering, searching for the questions that will give context to the answers.